Do I have to go to a sponsor school in order to attend KCP?

No. The KCP program is open to students enrolled at any college, as well as adult non-students.

KCP has two types of partner schools—Affiliate schools (in which you must be enrolled to attend KCP) and Sponsor schools (who can accept and grant transfer credit to students from other schools as well as their own).

The Sponsor schools are Western Washington University, University of Idaho, and Lincoln University. They can grant transfer credit. Most participants earning credit from our sponsor schools do not actually attend these schools.

  • If you want academic credit for graduation and don’t attend any of the affiliate colleges, apply through one of the sponsor schools.
  • If you simply want to advance in Japanese language fluency without earning college credit and are age 21 or older, please apply to KCP Direct. Keep in mind that in order to improve, you will need to keep up with the intensive learning program.

To decide which school you should apply through use our Need Academic Credit? infographic.

For more program requirements, see Eligibility.