Improve my Japanese language skills and develop more confidence in my communication abilities.

Larry from Winter 2017

Which events or activities did you find the most satisfying and why?

Although it's not necessary for the program, I'm an active member of the ACG club. While communicating outside of class in daily life is important, the clubs provide an opportunity to use your language skills to discuss something you enjoy in a more relaxed setting. Those more open, less outlined conversations, really allow for use of the language rather than just following an outline provided in class.

What activities or materials did you find most helpful (e.g., pair work, drill practice, tests, small group sessions, textbooks, games)?

The English grammar notes are priceless. However, I also scheduled 1-on-1 conversations with the head instructor of my class three days a week. This practice pushed me to make use of new vocabulary and grammar while allowing feedback on any mistakes I made.

What did you find most valuable in the Culture Course?

Provided a lot of background information regarding history and cultural shifts to provide a basis for any cultural differences which are immediately obvious to those living in Japan for the first time.

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KCP’s Summer (short) term program fit my personal schedule very well. It was also the most professional and affordable program that I could find. It also included a cultural aspect to its education program that I appreciated.

—Allison Hoisl